Frequently Asked Questions about our Dog Care Services or FAQ’s.

Please find a list of most frequently asked questions.

If you have any query that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us on using the ‘Quick Contact’ form on the right or by calling us on : 01978 721512 or 0770 6002009

Q. On walks will you let my Dog off the lead ?

A. In short no, for safety reasons they will stay on the lead. They can run around our play areas as much as they like off the lead. In a secure environment.

Q. Im interested in your Home Visit Service ?

A. We can arrange the best time to visit your Dog with yourself. We will require any keys or alarm codes to your property if we must enter your home. We do not cover any damage to your home caused by your own Dog. If we ever damage anything, we are insured though this has never happened to date as we are responsible and careful.

Q. What will I need to provide for my dog during its stay ?

A. You will need to provide enough food for your dogs stay, their bed, collar (including tags) and lead and any medication you have notified us of. If your Dog has a favourite chew toy then feel free to bring it, we do have toys of our own.

Q. Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

A. All dogs must be fully vaccinated, including kennel cough and their vaccination certificate must be brought along with you. Your Dogs normal annual Booster vaccination should be done at least two weeks before arrival, along with Kennel Cough. We will keep the vaccination certificate during your Dogs stay. If you have any queries in regards to this, please ring us.

Q. My dog is on medication, can you administer?

A. Yes, as long as full details are given prior to arrival. We will follow any instructions on the medicine label, given by your vet.

Q. Will my Dog play with other Dogs ?

A. Yes, we only accept friendly, good natured Dogs. Your Dog will spend time with any other dogs in the household. If your Dog is a little quieter than the norm, we will let him sit with us and cuddle up for some peace and quiet. We cater for shy and bouncy Dogs.

Q. Do you accept puppies?

A. Yes, as long as they are house trained and fully vaccinated. If they have a favourite chew toy, please bring it with you.

Q. Can I telephone you to see how my dog is settling in?

A. Ring or text anytime. We are currently trying to set up a webcam facility, watch this space.

Q. Can my Dog come to you for a trial before we go away ?

A. Your dog can come for a nights stay before your due to go away, this will then put your mind at rest before you leave and you will know your Dog is settled.

Q. What are your fees ?

A. £11 per day for Day Care. £18 per day for overnight boarding. Bank Holidays are double the daily rate.

Q. Can I collect my dog on a Sunday or a bank holiday?

A. We are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. We dont allow any collections or drop off’s on these days unless agreed prior to your Dogs stay. Any collections will be the following day.

Q Do you charge extra for bank holidays?

A. We charge an additional £5 per Dog for that day.

Q. My dog sleeps on our bed, where will he sleep when he comes to your house?

A. All dogs are expected to sleep in their own baskets in designated rooms in our home. Your Dog will get his/her own room for the evening.

Q. Are all dogs suitable for boarding?

A. We are only suitable for the average friendly, family dog. We do not accept any female dog in season or male dogs that have not been neutered unless you have spoken to us first to let us know (we will ensure we dont have any females boarded). We will not accept any dogs with aggressive tendencies or any registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act. We also do not accept dogs that have a tendency to jump fences, bark, chew or howl excessively. If your Dog has any behaviour problems it must be disclosed on the booking form.

Q. Do you accept all breeds of Dog ?

A. Yes we do. We don’t believe the breed makes a bad dog, only a bad owner. I have personally had both Rottweilers and Dobermans and they were the friendliest Dogs Ive ever had.

Q. What will happen if my dog becomes ill in your care?

A. We will take your dog to your designated vet immediately and any costs incurred will have to be reimbursed to us or your vet upon your return. We also have Dog 1st aid Kits on site. We would always contact you if your dog were to become unwell but to date we have never had to do this.

Q. My Dog currently has an illness or disease, can he stay with you ?

A. Unfortunately no. We only accept healthy Dogs. As you can imagine we want to ensure every Dog is healthy during its stay. We take Hygene very seriously and we do not wish to spread any illness to other Dogs.

Q. Do I need to put down a deposit? Is the booking guaranteed ?

A. We requre a £50 deposit for Dogs staying 7 days or more. If you are booking ahead, we will require a deposit (even for short stays) to secure the place. If the deposit is not received then the place may be offered to another Dog. Dates/Bookings are not guaranteed until the deposit is received along with the pet details submission form. If you cancel after paying a deposit, the deposit may be lost as we may have turned away other customers. If we can fill the cancelled place, we will refund the deposit.

Q. When do I pay for your service?

A. The full remaning balance (less any deposit) is required upon collection of your Dog.

Q. What Payment methods do you accept

A. We can accept cheques if you have a cheque guarantee card (to be seen upon payment) Cheques made payable to ” K9 Executive “. You can pay cash or through Paypal. If you would like to pay by debit or credit card through Paypal, a 5% surcharge is applied as Paypal charge us a fee.

Q. What are your opening hours?

A. We are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Saturday is 8am to 4pm. Sundays and Bank Holidays, we are closed. If you require hours outside of this, by prior agreement only.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, we have full Public Liability and Care, Custody & Control cover. We are not insured for any pre -existing illness or heriditory illness. We ask that all clients have pet insurance in place at the time of boarding.

Q. Are you regulated?

A. We are regulated by the local council.

Q. Are you Eco Friendly?

A. We have to clean down and disinfect outside and indoor areas every day. We recycle our water for disinfecting using rain water butts and we do not take it from the mains supply. We use mains water only for the Dogs drinking water. We use Eco friendly disinfectant wherever possible and a steam cleaner for indoors.

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