Booking your Dog in for our Day Care & Kennels Boarding when you are at work or on holiday is easy.

You need the best dog day care and dog boarding in Wrexham & Chester where your dog will be happy and well looked after while you are at work, on holiday or just need him or her out of the house for a while.

Contact K9 Executive today to book your dog in with us, they will be very happy staying here, simply follow the steps below and we will confirm your booking as soon as possible.

Terms & Conditions

You agree to provide enough food for the duration of your Dogs stay along with bedding/lead/collar.

Aggressive Dogs will not be allowed.

Only neutered males will be allowed unless by prior agreement. We can accept un-neutered males depending on what female dogs we have at the time. Please speak to us first.

Bitches on heat will not be allowed.

Dogs that howl, dig, chew or bark excessively will not be allowed.

Your Dog must be up to date with Flea and Worm medication

Your Dog must be up to date with all vaccinations including Kennel Cough and you agree to provide the vaccination certificate upon arrival. Kennel cough must be administered at least 3 days before arrival.

If the vaccination certificate is not provided, your Dog will not be accepted and any deposit paid will be lost.

If you collect your dog early, no refund will be given as the place is booked for the dates given in advance.

If you collect your Dog later than the agreed collection date, each additional day is chargeable at £12 per day and you agree to pay this upon collection.

You pay for each day your Dog boards with us, regardless of what time you pick up or drop off during the day (within our opening hours) as your Dog has been assigned the full days boarding and this has not been booked to any other Dog.

Collection and drop off hours Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm. Sat 8am till 4pm, Sunday and Bank Holidays, we are closed, outside of these hours by prior agreement only. Outside of these times an additional £1 for each hour you go over is payable.

We are insured but we do not cover any ongoing or pre-existing illness and we have asked you to disclose these on our booking form. You must have your own insurance in place for your Dog whilst boarded. The responsibility of any vets fees is yours until agreed by our insurer.

We reserve the right to refuse any animal we deem unfit or clearly unwell for boarding. You agree that we have the right of consent to consult your vet should we feel the need to.

If you abandon your Dog in our care (no longer want the Dog) and you fail to agree a collection outside of the date initially agreed, or fail to make contact with us after the collection date, you may be charged by the Dog Warden/authorities and the Dog will be relocated.

You confirm that your Dog does not jump 6ft Fences.

Q. Can I collect my dog on a Sunday or a bank holiday?

A. We are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. We don’t allow any collections or drop off’s on these days unless agreed prior to your Dogs stay. Any collections will be the following day.

Q. Can I telephone/text you to see how my dog is settling in?

A. Phone or text anytime. We are currently trying to set up a webcam facility, watch this space.

Q Do you charge extra for bank holidays?

A. We charge an additional £5 per dog for that day.

Q. Do I need to put down a deposit?

A. We require a £50 deposit for Dogs staying 7 days or more. If you are booking ahead, we will require a deposit (even for short stays) to secure the place. If the deposit is not received then the place may be offered to someone else. Dates/bookings are not guaranteed until the deposit is received. If you cancel after paying a deposit, the deposit may be lost as we may have turned away other customers. The online booking form must be sent to us upon payment of your deposit.

Q. What Payment methods do you accept

A. We can accept cheques if you have a cheque guarantee card (to be seen upon payment). Cheques made payable to “K9 Executive”. You can pay Cash or through Paypal if you would like to pay via Credit or Debit Card though a 5% surcharge is applied as Paypal charge us a fee.

Q. What are your opening hours?

A. We are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Saturday is 8am to 4pm. Sundays and Bank Holidays, we are closed. If you require hours outside of this, by prior agreement only.

Q. Are you Eco Friendly?

A. We have to clean down and disinfect outside and indoor areas every day. We recycle our water for disinfecting using rain water butts and do not take it from mains water. We use mains water only for the Dogs drinking water. We also use Eco friendly disinfectant wherever possible.

Your booking is not guaranteed until we have received our online booking form with your Dogs details.

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